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Department of Sociology


The Department of Sociology regularly hosts visitors. If you are interested in joining the Department as a formal visitor, please find the application form here.


Visiting Scholars to the Department of Sociology

The Department of Sociology’s policy on inviting and accepting Visiting Scholars is as follows:

  • The applicant should demonstrate a genuine scholarly link to the Department, such as through a research collaboration or need to use particular resources at the University of Cambridge.
  • The applicant should ordinarily have a PhD and hold an academic post, or equivalent.
  • In order to be admitted as a visiting scholar, the applicant must be sponsored by one member of staff who should preferably be a permanent member of academic staff.
  • The applicant and sponsor must complete an application form detailing the proposed research and rationale for the visit.
  • At the end of their visit, the Visiting Scholar is required to write a short (500 word) report on what they achieved during their residency.
  • The length of stay should be limited to one year.
  • The fee for Visiting Scholars is £200 per month, £600 per full term or £2400 per year (plus VAT). Any costs associated with a Certificate of Sponsorship application will also be added to the fee.
  • Visiting Scholars will be asked to provide payment in advance of their residency.

There are 3 deadlines per year for applications to be considered: 1st October, 1st February and 1st July.

The application should specify the duration of the visit. The start date of the visit should ordinarily begin in a term following the application deadline.

Visiting Scholars are given access to Cambridge Libraries and computer facilities; they are able to attend departmental seminars and lectures free of charge, excepting SSRMP courses which visitors must pay to attend. In some cases they might be invited to supervise undergraduate students, or give a seminar. Unfortunately, due to space constraints the Department is unable to provide fixed desk space for Visiting Scholars.


Visiting PhD Students to the Department of Sociology

 If you are a PhD student at another university and wish to come to Cambridge to use the University's and Department’s facilities, there are two possible routes.

1.    Those wishing to come for a complete academic year can apply through Graduate Admissions using the on-line application system. You will pay full fees for the year, be allocated a supervisor and a college place and have full access to University facilities (libraries, computing, lectures etc).

2.    It is also possible to come to Cambridge  as the guest of the Department of Sociology. If accepted you would be allowed to: access computing facilities; attend seminars and lectures; and work in and use the Seeley Library (Sociology, Land Economy) and the University Library. You would not have a supervisor to oversee your work but you would have a mentor who would advise you how best to make use of your time in Cambridge, and may give you feedback on the work you do whilst in Cambridge. You will not be registered for a qualification at the University of Cambridge. You would have to arrange your own accommodation, but the University Accommodation Office might be able to help you. The visiting student fee is £1200 per term, payable in advance. 

If you are interested in this option you should identify a preferred mentor from the list of Faculty Academic staff: and ask whether they would be available to mentor you during the term(s) of your proposed visit: If they can consider your application you should send them your CV, a reference from your PhD supervisor at your home University, an indication of what you will be working on while you are in Cambridge, a scan of your passport and a sample of your work (in English). 

If you are successful in gaining a mentor amongst the academic staff then your application will be put forward to the Director of Research and Head of Department. If the Department supports your application and you are applying for a stay of more than six months your English Language tests will also be checked by the International Office before any Certificates of Sponsorship are issued.

There are 3 deadlines per year for applications to be considered: 1st October, 1st February and 1st July.

The application should specify the duration of the visit. The start date of the visit should ordinarily begin in a term following the application deadline.


Confidentiality Notice – Visiting Scholars

The Department of Sociology uses your personal information to enable you to assist with your application to be a Visiting Scholar and with your visit if your application is successful.

Your name and contact details will be held by the Department of Sociology in secure digital and hard copy files, and will be circulated to appropriate governance committees and staff for consideration. Unsuccessful applicants details will be held on file for two years, and successful applicants information for six years. Research Committee minutes and papers are held for five years plus the year the Committee was held in, and then considered as part of the archival process of the University.

For more information about how we handle your personal information, and your rights under data protection legislation, please see