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Department of Sociology


Prof Patrick Baert

Professor in Social Theory
Social and political theory; culture and politics; intellectuals; public intellectuals; intellectual history

Prof Brendan Burchell

Professor in Sociology
Precarious employment and mental health; job quality, gender and wellbeing; digital work; the advantages of shorter working hours

Dr Julieta Chaparro Buitrago

Lecturer in Sociology
Fertility studies; decolonial feminisms; reproductive justice; Latin American studies
Dr Manali Desai

Dr Manali Desai

Reader in Sociology

Head of Department

Gender and sexual violence in urban and peri-urban India and South Africa; colonial rule and long-term development in India; class formation in India

Professor Sarah Franklin

Prof Sarah Franklin

Professor of Sociology
'New kinship studies': the social study of new reproductive technologies; the cultural analysis of bioscience, biomedicine and biotechnology

Prof Jennifer Gabrys

Chair in Media, Culture and Environment

Digital technology, citizen data, environmental media, and emergent forms of political engagement

Dr Stuart Hogarth

Dr Stuart Hogarth

Lecturer in Sociology of Science and Technology

Science; technology; biomedical innovation; political economy of diagnostic innovation

Dr Maria Iacovou

Dr Maria Iacovou

Reader in Quantitative Sociology

Director of Postgraduate Education

Family relationships; intra-household relationships; parenting and child development; quantitative research methods

Dr Sazana Jayadeva

Dr Sazana Jayadeva

Lecturer in Sociology

Education and inequalities; class and language; student mobilities and social media, with a regional focus on India and Europe.

Dr Hazem Kandil

Dr Hazem Kandil

Reader in Political Sociology

Director of MPhil Programme

Power relations in revolution, war, and regimes; realism and social theory; military sociology; ideology and the sociology of intellectuals; comparative history

Dr Diana Kudaibergenova

Dr Diana Kudaibergenova


Lecturer in Political Sociology

Nationalism; state and regime theory; ideology; democratization; power


Dr Ella McPherson

Dr Ella McPherson

Senior Lecturer in Sociology of New Media and Digital Technology

Director of Undergraduate Education

Symbolic struggles surrounding the media; methodological and reputational implications of using social media and related networks as data sources and dissemination tools

Dr Ali Meghji

Dr Ali Meghji

Lecturer in Social Inequalities

Critical race theory, race and class, cultural sociology, decolonial social theory

Dr Jeff Miley

Dr Jeff Miley

Lecturer in Political Sociology

(on leave until 2022)

Comparative nationalisms, the politics of migration, religion and politics, and democratic theory

Dr Monica Moreno Figueroa

Dr Mónica Moreno Figueroa


Senior Lecturer in Sociology

The lived experience of ‘race’ and racism; institutional racism; antiracism; critical race theory, feminist theory, beauty and emotions; photography and visual culture

(Please note that Dr Moreno Figueroa is not currently accepting new PhD students)

Dr Darin Weinberg

Dr Darin Weinberg

Reader in Sociology

(on research leave until 2021)

Social theory; the sociology of science; sociology of health and illness; qualitative research methodologies

Teaching Associates

Dr Jorge Saavedra Utman

Dr Jorge Saavedra Utman


Teaching Associate in Sociology

Mediations of non-mainstream politics, media systems and cultures of participation, and Latin American cultural politics.

(Please note that Dr Saavedra Utman is not available to supervise Postgraduate students)

Dr Hande Guzel

Dr Hande Güzel


Teaching Associate in Sociology

Sociology of gender, the body, health and illness, sexuality; Turkey and the Middle East

(Please note that Dr Güzel is not available to supervise Postgraduate students)