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Department of Sociology


"One of the signature things about Cambridge Sociology is the fact that we speak to debates and issues that are happening in so many parts of the world" - Prof Manali Desai

A changing world

The Sociology course in Cambridge gives you the opportunity to study the ways that our world is changing today, from Britain, Europe and the United States to China and Brazil, from the global financial crisis to the impact of new technologies and the changing nature of personal relationships. It explores the multiple forms of power and inequality in the world today and how they affect the lives of all of us. By joining together the social, cultural, political and economic dimensions of social life, Sociology gives you the tools you need to understand the key events of our time and how they are linked to the main forces and institutions that shape the modern world.

What's special about Sociology at Cambridge?

Cambridge is one of the world’s leading centres for teaching and research in Sociology. It is consistently ranked first among all Sociology departments in the UK by the Guardian, the Times and the Independent, and Cambridge University ranks first in the UK (and fourth in the world) in the Shanghai ranking of world universities.  

The Department of Sociology is a friendly and vibrant Department with leading sociologists in its staff. The Cambridge Colleges provide you with tailored personal support in your studies and the opportunity to discuss your work with top scholars in small groups. The combination of our outstanding academic staff, our excellent students and the exceptional educational resources make Cambridge an ideal place to study Sociology as an undergraduate.

Career opportunities

As well as developing a deep understanding of modern societies and of how they are changing today, students acquire a wide range of transferable skills such as the ability to write clearly and analytically about complex issues, to engage effectively in argument and debate, to analyse qualitative and quantitative data and to conduct independent research. The course has a high reputation with employers, and our graduates go on to work in fields as varied as the media, law, the City, industry, international organisations and NGOs, politics, management, research, teaching and the Civil Service. A degree in Sociology from Cambridge is an excellent springboard to a wide range of professional careers.

Undergraduate Study

Prospective Undergraduate Students

Sociology in Cambridge is taught within the context of the Human, Social and Political Sciences Tripos (HSPS), a unique degree that spans multiple disciplines including Sociology, Politics and Social Anthropology.

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Postgraduate Study

Prospective Postgraduate Students

The Department of Sociology offers two postgraduate courses, the MPhil in Sociology and the PhD in Sociology, which enable students to specialise in a particular area of Sociology based on their interests.

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