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Department of Sociology


Being a Cambridge Alumni comes with some great benefits. The alumni website has a full list, but here are some of the top picks!



Cam Card

Your alumni Cam Card entitles you to a wide range of different discounts and automatic membership to the University Centre. Cam Card also entitles you to free entrace to Cambridge Colleges.


Alumni Groups

There are more than 450 volunteer-led alumni groups around the world. Most groups will provide advice, hospitality and assistance to alumni visiting the region.


E-mail for Life

As a Cambridge alumni, you're entitled to a e-mail for life - allowing you to connect with the University's private directory of 74,000 alumni.


International hospitality

If you are travelling to a new area and would like some advice or assistance, why not speak to the nearest alumni group?


Learning resources

The University offer lifelong learning opportunities through the Institue of Continuing Education, the Judge Business School and access to various online resources.