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Department of Sociology


Coronavirus notice

Due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and government guidance,  we have had to make some changes to the programme in order to mitigate against risks to health and to give you the best possible academic experience in the circumstances. We will continue to monitor and respond to the changing public health situation. Students should be aware that in 2020-21 all SOC paper lectures will be delivered online; for CRIM1 and CRIM5 papers, the lectures will be delivered in person; they will also be recorded and available from Moodle. For more information visit our Undergraduate Teaching FAQs.

**Lent Term 2021 will take place entirely online**

Students should not return to Cambridge in Lent Term 2021 unless they fall within one of the specially specified categories. Students who are not in one of those categories should remain where they are, and start their term online. Students who are currently in Cambridge should remain in Cambridge. Read the Vice Chancellor's full statement.

Students wishing to take a one-year Part II in Sociology can take four papers from across Part IIA and Part IIB, subject to the following restrictions.

  1. Students normally ought to take either SOC2 ( Social Theory) or SOC3 (Modern Societies)
  2. Student should not take SOC4 ( Concept and Arguments) or CRIM3 (Two long-essays on Criminology Topic)
  3. Replacing one of the papers by a dissertation is not allowed.
  4. SOC6 can be taken only if SOC2 was taken in Year 2.

In 2020-21, available Sociology Part II papers are:

Part IIA Part IIB

SOC2. Social theory: organiser: Prof P Baert

SOC3. Modern societies II: organiser: Dr M Moreno Figueroa

SOC4. Concepts and arguments in sociology: organiser: Dr J Miley

SOC5. Statistics and methods(also serves as Paper CRIM2) : organiser: Dr M Iacovou

CRIM1:Foundations in criminology and criminal Justice: organiser: Dr C Lanksey

CRIM3:Two long-essays on a criminology topic: organiser: Prof L Gelsthorpe

SOC6. Advanced social theory: organiser: Prof J Gabrys

SOC7. Media, culture and society: organiser: Dr E McPherson

SOC8. War and revolution: organiser: Dr Hazem Kandil

SOC9. Global capitalism: organisers: Dr S Hogarth

SOC10. Gender: organiser: Prof S Franklin

SOC11. Racism, race and ethnicity: organiser: Dr M Moreno Figueroa

SOC12. Empire, colonialism, imperialism: organiser: Dr A Meghji

SOC13. Health, medicine and society: organiser: Dr S Hogarth

SOC15. Criminology, sentencing, and the penal system (also serves as paper CRIM4) (Paper 34 of the Law Tripos): organiser: Prof L Gelsthorpe

CRIM5: Social Order, Violence and Organised Forms of Criminality: organiser: Dr P Campana

Students should register their choices with the sociology administrator :

The paper choices will have to be approved by the Sociology Head of Department.