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Department of Sociology


The Department will comply with environmental legislation, deliver the University’s Environmental Sustainability, Vision, Policy Framework and endeavour:

  • to promote environmental management policies and practices;
  • to increase awareness of environmental responsibilities amongst staff, students and visitors;
  • to work with other agencies to promote appropriate environmental policies;
  • to implement policies and procedures that contribute to a reduction in the Department's carbon footprint;
  • to refuse unnecessary purchases and to seek out more environmentally friendly alternatives when purchases need to be made;
  • to reuse and repurpose goods already purchased;
  • to maximise recycled waste;
  • to minimise non-recyclable waste;
  • to reduce energy consumption;
  • to reduce water consumption;
  • to minimise use of chemical and other pollutants;
  • to maintain the premises in an environmentally sensitive way;
  • to encourage modes of transport and communication amongst its staff, students and visitors which will minimise environmental impact.