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Postgraduate applicants are required to nominate a supervisor as part of their application.

Please consult the list below to see which members of staff are available to supervise postgraduate students starting in October 2024. Availability depends on several factors, including sabbatical leave arrangements, contractual arrangements, and the number of students already being supervised by each member of staff.

Each entry includes a few words outlining research/supervision interests. When choosing your nominated supervisor, it is important that there is some overlap with your own research interests or approach. You can find more detailed information by clicking through to supervisors’ research profiles.

MPhil applicants

MPhil applicants should, where possible, name a preferred supervisor for their topic (and up to one alternative).

Please do not contact a prospective supervisor in advance of making an application. If for any reason your nominated supervisor cannot consider your application, your forms will be forwarded to an alternative supervisor within the same pathway. If you are offered a place, we will let you know if you have been allocated a different supervisor to the person you nominated.

PhD applicants

PhD applicants should, where possible, name a preferred supervisor for their topic (and up to one alternative).If you are confident that your proposed research is a good fit with your nominated supervisor, you do not need to contact them in advance – no preference will be given to applicants who have made informal contact.

If you have any questions about whether your topic is a good fit with your supervisor’s interests, you may email them, attaching both a CV with details of the degrees you have taken and the marks you have obtained, and a brief research proposal (1-2 pages max). There is no need to attach references or transcripts. Please be aware that our PhD supervisors receive large numbers of enquiries, and that they therefore cannot give detailed feedback on your proposal.

Supervisor Availability for postgraduate courses starting in October 2024

Supervisor Name

Research Interests

Available to supervise

Zeina Al Azmeh Forced displacement and political subjectivities, intellectuals in exile, revolutionary movements and their narrativization MPhil only

Patrick Baert

Social and political theory, cultural sociology, intellectuals & politics

MPhil and PhD

Anna Bagnoli

Identities/gender and STEM/creative methodologies


Filipe Carreira da Silva

Social theory, political sociology, intellectual history

MPhil and PhD

Shana Cohen

Social action under neoliberalism

MPhil and PhD
Ned Crowley Economic Sociology,t with a particular interest in public finance, including the politics of government budget-making, public debt, and fiscal austerity MPhil only

Manali Desai

Gender and sexual violence

PhD only

Robert Dorschel Assistant Professor in Digital Sociology MPhil and PhD
Meredith Hall  the political economy of intellectual property rights and its relationship to inequality, social justicee, and the public good. MPhil onlly
Scarlet Harris Race' and racialisation; state racism, social movements and anti-racisms; policing and police/prison abolition. MPhil only
Luke Hawksbee Financialisation, assetisation, and the political economy of health (particularly pharmaceuticals). MPhil only

Stuart Hogarth

Science, technology, biomedical innovation, political economy of diagnostic innovation

MPhil and PhD
Dr Isabelle Higgins Teaching Associate in Media and Culture MPhil only

Maria Iacovou

Family demography, quantitative methods MPhil and PhD

Hazem Kandil

Historical and Political Sociology

MPhil and PhD
Prof David Lane Political economy of transition from state socialism. Special interest in role of classes and elites. Contemporary Ukraine and Russia; post socialist states in the world system; alternatives to capitalism. MPhil only
Prof Christel Lane Economic and cultural sociology MPhil and PhD

Ella McPherson

Technology, media, journalism, human rights MPhil and PhD
Matthew Mahmoudi technological marginalisation amongst refugee and asylum-seekers MPhil only

Ali Meghji

Social inequalities, race and class

MPhil only

Jeff Miley

Political sociology, nationalism

PhD only
Kenny Monrose Urban Cultures, Criminal Justice, Religion, Anti Blackness, Windrush Studies MPhil and PhD

Mónica Moreno Figueroa

Race, Racism (anti-Black, anti-Indigenous, anti-Asian), Antiracism, Intersectionality, Mexico and Latin America, Visual Culture, Emotions and Beauty.

PhD only

Veronique Mottier

Social and political theory

PhD only

Dr Shannon Philip Assistant Professor Gender and equality MPhil and PhD
Marissa Quie Migration, peace and security MPhil only  

Mark Ramsden

Social and spatial inequalities

MPhil and PhD
Dr Sebastian Raza Mejia Social theory; sociological theories of culture MPhil only
Dr Lilian Schwoerer Teaching Associate in Gender and Reproduction MPhil only
Jusmeet Sihra Urban Sociology, Caste, Segregation MPhil only

Matthew Sparkes

Neoliberalism including market formation, financialisation, credit-debt, and social class(ification)

MPhil and PhD

Peggy Watson

Gender, feminism, class, post-socialism MPhil and PhD

Darin Weinberg

Addiction, Sociology of medical thought MPhil and PhD
Alex Wood Assistant Professor in Economic Sociology  MPhil and PhD

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