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Department of Sociology


There are lots of ways in which you can help, and when all of us do them, they make a big impact! Here are a few suggestions...



  • Switch off your computer monitor and use 'sleep' mode when you go to a meeting;
  • Switch off lights when you leave a room;
  • Switch off equipment at the end of the day;
  • Bring in your own coffee/tea mug into work or get a KeepCup;
  • Make sure that any catering ordered is from a sustainable source. Further information on sustainable food at the University of Cambridge, including a copy of the policy, is available at​
  • Think before you throw away your rubbish - use the correct bin for recycling;
  • Take the stairs, not the lift;
  • Put on a jumper on a cold day rather than turn up the heating. Electric heaters can significantly interfere with the building’s main heating system; using an electric heater can send a message to the thermostat that the building is ‘at temperature’ or too warm, meaning that the central heating gets turned off! This makes the user of the heater and their colleagues feel even colder;
  • Report maintenance issues (e.g. a dripping tap, broken window) to the Sociology Reception;
  • Only print what you really need to have in hard copy;
  • Always print double-sided, and photocopy double-sided wherever possible;
  • Share transport, use a bike, or walk to work, rather than driving a car.



  • Plastic Recycling - plastic bottles, pots, trays and plastic film can all be recycled. Mixed compounds items cannot be recycled. This includes most takeaway coffee cups and crisp packets;
  • Paper and Cardboard Recycling - Please don't fill recycling bins with large pieces of cardboard, as people then start putting items that can be recycled in the landfill bin! Please tell us at reception if you have large amounts of rubbish to dispose of;



  • Glass, drinks cans, and food cans can all be recycled;
  • Jiffy bags (2 compounds) can't be recycled, but bubble wrap can;
  • The University currently can't compost, therefore teabags and coffee grounds have to go in the landfill bin;
  • Used tissues and low grade kitchen roll should be put in the landfill bin or composted at home.
  • Pens – The Department of Sociology has a dedicated pen collection bin on the ground floor stairwell. (It’s pink, and quite hard to miss!)
  • If you’re not sure about what to do with your waste, feel free to consult the Environment and Energy Section Recycling A-Z for advice.



Odette Rogers Room and Videoconferencing

The Odette Rogers Room, within the department, is available for meetings and video-calls. In addition to this, videoconferencing is available at the following locations: 

  • City-centre studio (New Museums Site)
  • West Cambridge studio (JJ Thomson Avenue)
  • Portable equipment for use on your own University premises.


  • Worldwide connectivity, 24/7 by arrangement
  • No travel time/cost or accommodation costs
  • No need for vaccinations, passport or visa
  • Easy logistics
  • Kind to the planet and your finances
  • Available to staff/students of University
  • No charge for studio or equipment hire and free technical back-up via telephone throughout.

UIS run regular video conferencing training sessions. If you would like to find out more about how you can set up videoconferencing, please contact us.



Booker is a new room booking service that has been launched at the University with the express goal of making better use of available space across the institution. It provides:

  • comprehensive information about each room, including photos 
  • a simple, visual layout
  • easy searching by date, type of room, and location
  • customisable options for room managers

If you require a room to be booked, and Sociology has no rooms available, you might considering asking a Sociology Administrator to see if there's anything else available via Booker.