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We realise that young people from disadvantaged backgrounds will rely heavily on their teachers for advice and support.

The Department of Sociology is committed to providing schools and colleges with all the information they need to support students in applying to HSPS at Cambridge. As a teacher, HE advisor, parent or guardian, you can play a key role in enabling prospective students to make their application.

Provide advice

Compiled by the University Director of Admissions, the Guide for Teachers and Advisers contains all the information you need to support applications to Cambridge.

Build aspiration

If you have students on track for top grades (A*AA), they should consider the courses on offer at the University of Cambridge. In addition to the information provided on this site, the Department runs outreach events across the year, and many students benefit from attending open days and similar events to broaden their horizons.

Support applications

Teachers and parents can help motivate students to get the grades they need, provide a clear personal statement, submit appropriate written work and prepare for their admissions interview. Find preparation tips on the Undergraduate Study website.

Write references

Most of our applicants are predicted to achieve top grades in the qualifications they are studying, and words such as 'outstanding' appear in many references. Instead, it is helpful for remarks about academic performance and potential are as specific as possible. Find reference tips on the Undergraduate Study website.

Teachers' newsletter

The Teachers' newsletter keeps teachers and HE advisers up-to-date on events, the latest admissions news, and resources for students. Regular feature articles explore admissions, the University, and current topics.

Sociology mailing list

Our mailing list compiles the latest outreach news and activities from the Department of Sociology, in particular our Y10-12 Photography Competition.

Further guidance

Further guidance for teachers can be found in the Teachers' Advice Guide and through the central University website.

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