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Department of Sociology

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AI and scholarship: a manifesto

19 March 2024

Dr Ella McPherson and Prof Matei Candea have written a manifesto for AI and scholarship which cuts through the hype around generative AI to provide a framework that supports scholars and students in figuring out if, rather than how, generative AI contributes to their scholarship. This approach reminds us that what is at...

Dr Matthew Sparkes provides evidence at parliamentary briefing

29 February 2024

On Tuesday 27 February 2024, Dr Matthew Sparkes , Assistant Professor in Sociology, gave evidence at a parliamentary briefing on the new Mortgage Prisoner campaign. Mortgage prisoners are existing borrowers unable to switch their mortgages to a new deal, even if up-to-date with their payments. This is an important issue in...

Ilaria Michelis wins Journal of Gender Studies Janet Blackman Prize

1 February 2024

We are delighted to announce that Ilaria Michelis , doctoral candidate in Sociology, has won the Journal of Gender Studies Janet Blackman Prize for her paper, Contesting gender: young women and feminist generations in gender-based violence services . The Prize celebrates scholarship on international feminist movements and...