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Support Sociology

The University's excellence in teaching and research has been helped by a long history of generosity from friends and supporters.

There are a number of ways in which you can support the Department of Sociology, not just financial commitments. We rely on your generosity to maintain our teaching and research excellence, providing students with outstanding opportunities for learning and developing.

Alumni-Student Ambassador

One of the pressing issues on the minds of many of our students, is their career path once they have graduated from University. If you feel that you could help our current students by providing a careers talk, an internship or work experience, or offer careers advice, please complete the form and we will be in touch shortly.

Contribute to a Research Theme

Our research is focused around five main research themes:

    We are always looking for industrial and academic partners to collaborate with to enhance our research and teaching experiences. If you feel that you or your organisation could offer support (financially or otherwise) in one or more of these areas, please do not hesitate to contact the relevant staff member.


    We always welcome any financial donations you can offer to improve the research and teaching experience we offer. You can contribute directly to the Department of Sociology or support Cambridge students through an online donation to Student Financial Support.

    Recruit a Graduate

    If you are looking to recruit a Graduate Student for a specific role within your company, we would be happy to advertise this with our current and recently graduated students. Please fill out the form and let us know about the opportunities your organisation has on offer.

    A World Leader

    The Department of Sociology at the University of Cambridge is a world-leading centre for teaching and research in Sociology, consistently ranked first in UK league tables by The Guardian, The Times, and the Independent.


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