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Department of Sociology

Sociology Seminar Series Termcard 2019-20

Seminars are from 12:30-2pm at 8 Mill Lane, Cambridge, CB2 1SB. Sandwiches will be provided from 12pm at the Sociology Department (16 Mill Lane, across the road).

The Lunchtime Seminar Series is a showcase of sociological expertise both here in the Cambridge Department of Sociology and further afield. All are welcome and no registration is required.


Michaelmas Term 2019

Date Speaker Title Chair Location

Tue 8 Oct

Dr. Dilar Dirik

Empowerment or Revolution?  Kurdish Women’s Struggles between Two Knowledge Projects


Dr Jeff Miley

8 Mill Lane, Room 2

Tue 5 Nov

Prof. Ann Phoenix

“Another long and involved story”: narrative themes in the paradata and marginalia of the Poverty in the UK survey

Dr Monica Moreno Figueroa

8 Mill Lane, Room 4

Tue 19 Nov


Dr. Ali Meghji

“Theoretical Synergy: Decoloniality, Critical Race Theory, and Trumpamerica”



8 Mill Lane, Room 4



Lent Term 2020

Date Speaker Title Chair Location

Tue 28 Jan

Prof. Samita Sen


Single in the City: Women, Migration and Domestic Work in India

Dr Manali Desai

8 Mill Lane, Room 2

Tue 11 Feb

Dr. Monica Moreno Figueroa

Antiracism, Intersectionality, and the Struggle for Dignity



8 Mill Lane, Room 2

Tue 10 March

Prof. Satnam Virdee


“The Racialised Outsider as Conscience of Modernity”

Postponed due to strike action

Dr Ali Meghji

8 Mill Lane, Room 2


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