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Department of Sociology


Each year the Department of Sociology at the University of Cambridge hosts a photography competition aimed at students in Years 10-13.

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2023 "Sociology of Inequality"

Entrants to our 2023 competition turned their lenses on inequality in the world around them. They were asked to consider some of the big or small ways that inequality manifests in their everyday contexts and how, if at all, it might be challenged or alleviated.

2023 Results


2022 "Sociology of Resistance"

The 2022 entries showcased creativity in their interpretation of 'Sociology of Resistance' as they displayed the different ways that people "resist", by challenging institutions, power structures or social norms.

2022 Results

2021 "Future Sociologies"

Entries in our 2021 competition envisioned different futures and questioned the condition of the world being handed to future generations.

2021 Results

2020 "Sociology of Change"

Entries in our 2020 competition responded to the impact of lockdown and changing social norms in the global coronavirus pandemic.

2020 Results

2019 "Sociology in Everyday Life"

Entries in our 2019 competition explored the role of surveillance, religion, and the media in shaping everyday life.

2019 Results

2018 "Global Sociology"

In our 2018 competition, entrants explored themes of globalisation, global social theory and multiculturalism.

2018 Results

2017 "What is Sociology?"

In 2017, entries considered gender stereotypes, the socialising role of schools, and even how a cup of tea can be related to sociology!

2017 Results