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Department of Sociology

Upcoming Events from CUSSP


CUSSP is a student-led group interested in the development and discussion of national and international social policy. The group aims to bring together students from the various different subject areas to foster a creative conversation that can positively build public policy ideas that are meaningful and impactful.

CUSSP focuses on one social policy issue per term, with the aim to gain some insight into the complexities of the topic. To do this we invite a range of speakers including think tanks, charities and councillors to share their knowledge and experience. In Michaelmas term CUSSP is focusing on homelessness, looking both at organisations working to tackle homelessness directly and at housing policy more broadly.

Students from any subject area are encouraged to come to events, learn from expert speakers and raise issues and ideas to contribute to the group’s influence on social policy.

You can find out more about CUSSP on Facebook.


Brexit and Climate Change: a discussion with Professor Maria Lee

Thursday 24 October 2019 at 3 PM – 4 PM | Nihon Room, Pembroke College

Pressure is mounting to combat the climate crisis, with millions of protesters taking place in climate strikes last month. In May the UK Parliament declared a climate emergency. At the same time, the UK contends with another huge challenge - Brexit. To find out how the two are connected and what the legal implications of Brexit will be for environmental legislation, we are excited to welcome Professor Maria Lee as our first speaker of the term. Professor Lee is an associate professor for the Brexit and Environment network, and co-director of the Centre for Law and the Environment at UCL. Her work focuses on the law and policy of environmental protection. She is particularly interested in the ways we make decisions on environmental matters, especially in areas of high technological complexity and controversy. Professor Lee will give a short talk followed by a Q&A, so bring your questions along for an interesting discussion!
There is wheelchair access. There is basic seating, and an accessible toilet.

You can join this event on Facebook.


Climate Change Panel: Developing an Intersectional Approach

Thursday 14 November 2019 at 6 PM – 7:30 PM | Lecture Room 5, 8 Mill Lane

Climate justice movements have often been criticised for being elitist, and whilst many climate organisations in the US have taken significant steps to combat this, UK justice movements appear comparatively slow to do so. Factors such as gender, race, class and disability - and the way these different axes of oppression intersect - must be taken into account. Our panelists will be discussing what an intersectional climate policy could look like, what sort of communication needs to happen and how such a policy could be developed sustainably.


  • Dorothy Guerrero is Head of Policy and Advocacy at Global Justice Now. Her work in social movements and NGOs spans 30 years. She currently works on and writes about corporate accountability, climate change, migration, trade and investment, China and other related economic justice concerns.
  • Dr Sarah Bradshaw is a professor at Middlesex University London. Her research focuses on the general field of gender and development, with a specific focus on Latin America. Since 2015 Dr Bradshaw has worked with the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), as well as other international organisations in shaping the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. She has published numerous works on the subject of gender and climate change.
  • Jess O'Brien is the CUSU Disabled Students’ Officer. She is a vocal advocate for disability rights, and works to ensure that disabled students at the university receive important support.
  • Joanna Wilson is a PhD student at the University of Manchester. Her thesis project during her master's degree took a feminist look at the UK’s climate change policy, and presented an intersectional feminist tool for ensuring that gender is considered more widely in climate change politics. Her current thesis project is concerned with tracing ‘gender’ throughout COP events beginning with the Paris Agreement.

The panel will be followed by a Q&A discussion, and then attendees will be invited to join the CUSSP Michaelmas social.

There is wheelchair access. There is seating, and an accessible toilet.

You can join this event on Facebook.