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Department of Sociology


The Sociology Seminar Series is a showcase of sociological excellence on a broad range of contemporary topics.

Members of the University of Cambridge are invited to log in via Raven to join these sessions in Zoom. Members of the public are invited to follow the livestreams for each event via the Department's YouTube channel. For reminders about the seminar series, please follow our Facebook event page.

The 2020-21 series has been convened by Dr Ali Meghji.

Seminar list

What role does culture play in (in)equality?

Dr Nirmal Puwar (Goldsmiths University), Dr Anamik Saha (Goldsmiths University), Dr Anna Bull (University of Portsmouth) and Dr Clive James Nwonka (LSE).

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Nationalism as a sociological problem

Dr Meghan Tinsley (University of Manchester) and Dr Sivamohan Valluvan, (University of Warwick)

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Sexual Citizens: A Landmark Study of Sex, Power, and Assault on Campus

Professor Jennifer Hirsch (Columbia University) and Professor Shamus Khan (Columbia University)

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Inequality and Bridging Group Boundaries through Narratives of Hope

Professor Michèle Lamont (Harvard University)

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Crunch Time: How Married Couples Confront Unemployment

Dr Aliya Rao (LSE)

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Reactionary Democracy and the US Election

Dr Aaron Winter (UEL) and Dr Aurelien Mondon (University of Bath)

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Data into Theory: "Epistemicide"

Knowledge was essential to colonisation. This seminar will question how the project of epistemicide continues into the present, and how can we think against and outside of this epistemicide.

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