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Department of Sociology


Data Into Theory is a seminar series showcasing research by early career members of the department and funded research teams

This series focuses on our style of practice at Cambridge Sociology – in particular the ways we develop new analytical concepts based on original empirical data and the pathways, both methodological and impromptu, we may take to get there.

Each seminar explores a particular concept in one of our specialist areas. You can watch these sessions via the links below.

Seminar list

Marginality and Exclusion - "Epistemicide"

With Sophie Marie Niang, Jonathan Yong Tienxhi and Melz Owusu, chaired by Dr Ali Meghji

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Media and Culture - "Visibility"

With Isabel Guenette Thornton, Rebekah Larsen and Matt Mahmoudi, chaired by Dr Ella McPherson

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Political and Economic Sociology - "Nation"

With Valentina Ausserladscheider and Iris Pissaride, chaired by Dr Jeff Miley

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Reproductive Sociology - "Fertility"

With Dr Julieta Chapparro-Buitrago and Dr Katie Dow, chaired by Prof Sarah Franklin

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