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Department of Sociology

Prof Judith Butler

LgbtQ+@Cam, the Department of Sociology, and the Centre for Gender Studies were honoured to host Professor Judith Butler’s public lecture‘Who is Afraid of Gender?’ at West Road Concert Hall in Cambridge on Wednesday 26th April.

It was a remarkable and memorable evening. Introduced by Professor Sarah Franklin, Professor Butler’s lecture was a characteristic tour de force; intense and crammed with insights, made all the more powerful by the collective solidarity and energy in the packed auditorium. 

Professor Butler said that they ‘had no words’ to describe how meaningful it was to be in the room with such a powerful surge of support and appreciation.

Comments from attendees:
The honor of listening to Prof Judith Butler visiting @Cambridge_Uni, to speak on "Who is afraid of gender?". A key message: "the right to self-identification takes no one else's rights away". Even more inspiring was the enthusiasm of a young generation. It was utterly packed.’
Duncan Astle @DuncanAstle

'What a night to share with our friends @lgbtQcam and a packed house to be inspired to by Prof Butler and counter-imaginaries of gender!
My scribbled notes from this, underlined twice: "Interdependency is the way we survive and flourish" ... "Freedom must become an object of desire"’
Elle Whitcroft @ellewhitcroft
Surreal to hear Prof. Judith Butler in Cambridge yesterday talk about “Who Is Afraid of Gender?”. Also exciting to witness the energy and solidarity in the room: it was completely packed, felt like going to a music concert.’
Sophie Mary @sophiemmary