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Department of Sociology


Congratulations to Charlotte Blixen-Finecke who has won the Cambridge Undergraduate Quantitative Methods SOC5 prize for the highest mark in the 2024 SOC5 (statistics and methods) exam paper.

Charlotte, pictured above, said, ‘Having recently finished my degree in Politics and Sociology (HSPS), I still look back at SOC5 as one of the most useful papers I have taken. Like many in HSPS, I was at first intimidated by the idea of statistical methods, but it really did feel like it was made for students with no previous knowledge on the topic and was always relevant to the study of sociology.

‘SOC5 has enabled me to conduct my own quantitative analyses in my dissertation and has more generally allowed me to better understand articles in both sociology and politics whenever they have included quantitative analyses. While sociology can sometimes feel like a subject with many more questions than answers, SOC5 is refreshing in its slightly more concrete methodology. When quantitative and qualitative methods are both considered, I have felt that sociology becomes slightly more approachable. I highly recommend anyone with the option to take the paper!’