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Department of Sociology

Transpositions Performance

In honour of the work of Nobel-prize winning plant scientist Barbara McClintock, we celebrate her key concept of ‘Transpositions’ in an evening of performance, ritual, and artistic exchanges.

24th October, 8pm-10pm, Murray Edwards College

This performance art evening is organised by Reprosoc as a part of this year's Festival of Ideas.

 Responding to ReproSoc's Reproductivities exhibition at Murray Edwards College, performance artist Sophie Seita will reflect on the concept and choreography of transposition, queer kinship, and corn as a queer plant, and the cross-pollinating possibilities of flowery metaphors and of planting queer objects.

The performance will include spoken text, choreography, song, as well as recorded and live sound. Alongside Seita’s performance, we invite the audience to engage with scientific, artisanal and artistic mediations of maize – McClintock’s plant of choice – through the Reproductivities exhibition on display throughout the College. The performance will include an immersive, participatory component and is followed by a Q&A with the artist and curators.

Read more about the Transpositions performance here. You can also find out more about the Reproductivities exhibition and Life in Glass project on their website.

Tickets are available online.



Transpositions is produced by the Reproductive Sociology Research Group (ReproSoc) as part of the Wellcome-funded Life in Glass public engagement programme. It is curated by Prof. Sarah Franklin and Dr. Lucy van de Wiel. 

 This performance is part of the Festival of Ideas and open to the public.