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Department of Sociology

ERC Starting Grant awarded to Dr Stuart Hogarth

The European Research Council has just announced the results of its 2016 Starting Grant funding competition and among the successful applicants is Dr Stuart Hogarth, the department's newly appointed Lecturer in Sociology of Science and Technology.

These highly prestigious awards give long-term funding for early career researchers to build research teams and pursue ground-breaking research. Dr Hogarth's project is a comparative analysis of the political economy of diagnostic innovation, focusing on the development and diffusion of new technologies for screening and early detection of cancer in the UK, USA and France.


"In the wake of the Human Genome Project, major public and private investments continue to fuel expectations of a genomic revolution in biomedicine, but there is much uncertainty about how public policy should steer diagnostic innovation, with longstanding concerns about issues like the creation of diagnostic monopolies through gene patenting and the harms of under- or over-regulation," explains Dr Hogarth. "As a consequence, there is a pressing need for robust empirical evidence on the dynamics of innovation in this rapidly changing sector. Given the University's broader ambitions to develop as a major centre for innovation in screening and early detection, Cambridge is an excellent location to pursue this research."

See full ERC press release, here.