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Department of Sociology


What is Sociology? Is it useful in everyday life? Can it be separated from social justice?

Sociology Exposed is a podcast series run by students from the MPhil Sociology programme. In this series, students delve into the depths of sociological concepts, theories, and lived experience. You can tune in on Acast.


Meet the team:


Hi! After much work and deliberation and with the help of many people I have established this podcast space for friends and colleagues to use for all things Sociological.

I’m currently an MPhil Sociology student on the Marginality and Exclusion track. I am looking at the myth of a postracial London, and how dating and intimacy uphold a racialised social structure in this ‘superdiverse’ city. I’m being supervised by Ali Meghji who is so smart that he hurts my brain sometimes. 

In my spare time I read (something lighter than the daily!), go to the gym, cook, volunteer for a food bank and a Palestine solidarity campaign, tutor, spend time in nature and with my siblings, and ignore texts. 


Hi! I’m Zeena, an MPhil student on the Marginality and Exclusion track looking at the experience of migrant women, being supervised by Dr Monica Moreno Figueroa who actually inspired me to apply for this Masters.

I did my undergrad in Anthropology at the LSE and aim to incorporate anthropological concepts into my sociological research.

Listen out for me on the ‘Black student experience’ episode, and I’ll be bringing more content soon!


I’m currently an MPhil Sociology student studying in the Political and Economic stream. My research is focused on the use of memory as a tool of feminist resistance in the context of military occupation and war. I completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto in Women and Gender Studies and Equity Studies.

Studying social justice gave me the theoretical tools to understand the various structures which are responsible for all sources of oppressions around the world and then use them in praxis through activism and community organising.

Studying sociology in my masters helps me continue that journey particular by understanding how the use of research can be a tool towards anti-oppression work, and often resistance amongst many global social movements around the world.

 Abigail I’m currently an MPhil Sociology student on the Marginality and Exclusion track, studying to learn more about the different forms of inequality which exist and find out how to eradicate them in order to create a world free from all forms of oppression. My research is looking at the gentrification in London.

You can find out more about the MPhil Sociology programme on our "Prospective Postgraduate" pages.