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Department of Sociology


What can an interdisciplinary perspective bring to Sociology?

Sociology in Dialogue puts MPhil Sociology students in conversation with their peers in Education, World History and Geography, in order to explore the opportunities that come from interdisciplinarity. You can tune in on Soundcloud.


Meet the team:


Hi! I’m Seetha and I’m an MPhil student on the Political and Economic sociology track, originally from Australia. I am researching the role of the diaspora and social movements in transnational politics. I studied Political Science and Middle Eastern studies during my undergraduate in France, but I have a secret soft spot for history. I am interested in interdisciplinary research methods and practices and how we can borrow and learn from other disciplines.


Hi! I am Lorna, an MPhil student on the Marginality and Exclusion pathway. My research looks at school choice in Wales, which is where I am from, and explores connections between inequalities, education, culture and language. After less than a term at Cambridge my ideas have been challenged and reworked as I constantly learn more from the amazing academics and my peers in the department. This podcast is an exciting chance for us to put Sociology in dialogue with other disciplines and see what we can learn from them too!


Hi! I’m Laura and I am an MPhil student on the Marginality and Exclusion pathway. My research, focusing on former European colonies, considers how coloniality is (re)produced in modern tourism. Before studying Sociology, I came from the discipline of Human Geography, so I am excited to put these two disciplines into conversation with one another, and to find out what Geography can teach Sociology and vice versa. I’m still yet to fully understand all the differences between the two disciplines so hopefully this podcast can be an educational experience for everyone involved.

You can find out more about the MPhil Sociology programme on our "Prospective Postgraduate" pages.