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Maria Iacovou


Director of Social Science Research Methods Centre

Maria Iacovou is a Reader in Quantitative Sociology

Her first degree was a BSc in Mathematics from Kings College, London in 1985. Following this, she spent several years working as an international tax analyst and a secondary school maths teacher, studying part-time to obtain BSc and MSc degrees in Economics. She was awarded a PhD in Economics from London University in 2002 for her thesis "Education, the labour market and the family"

Between 1997 and 2013, Maria worked at the Institute for Social and Economic Research (ISER), an interdisciplinary research institute based at the University of Essex. She has collaborated with colleagues in fields including epidemiology, economics, statistics, demography, social policy and sociology, and her publications reflect this interdisciplinary approach.

Maria's research interests centre on family relationships. She is interested in people's living arrangements, the reasons why people choose different living arrangements, and how and why household structures differ across countries. She has published several articles on the transition to adulthood, particularly the home-leaving process; and on other aspects of family formation, including how people decide whether and when to have children, and the processes by which these intentions are (or are not) realized. She is interested in the quality of intra-household relationships (primarily the relationships between partners, and the relationships between parents and children), in the determinants of the quality of these relationships, and in the outcomes arising from poor relationships

Maria is also interested in parenting and child development, particularly in the effects of infant feeding patterns; she has studied the effects of breastfeeding on babies and their mothers, and has undertaken groundbreaking research on the effects of infant feeding schedules on children's later cognitive development


Journal articles

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Books and book chapters

Iacovou, M. (Forthcoming: 2016) 'Young people’s experiences of employment and unemployment across Europe: Evidence from the EU-SILC'. In Bynner, J. and Schoon, I. Young People and the Great Recession: Work, Family, Health and Social Attitudes, Cambridge University Press

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Working papers

Iacovou, M., Kaminska, O. and Levy, H. (2012). 'Using EU-SILC data for cross-national analysis: strengths, problems and recommendations'. ISER working paper 2012-02

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Policy Reports

Iacovou, M. and Burton, J. (2013) 'Recording relationships between household members in the context of the EU-SILC'. Invited contribution to the deliberations on the Task Force on the Revision of the EU-SILC Legal Basis, January 2013

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  • Position: Reader in Quantitative Sociology
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  • Tel: 01223 335063
  • Address: Department of Sociology, Free School Lane, Cambridge CB2 3RQ
  • Dr Iacovou supervises graduate students