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Department of Sociology


Join the Department of Sociology for our first public seminar of the academic year, with alumna Dr Jana Bacevic.

This event took place on Tue 19 Oct 2021, 12:30-2pm (UK)


Why is the curriculum white? Must Black and minority ethnic academics write on ‘race’? Who gets cited in bibliographies, and who gets credited in acknowledgments or footnotes? Who coined the term ‘Matthew Effect’? What is the relationship between these questions and who gets to stay in the academia?
This seminar introduces a theoretical framework that connects informal judgments of intellectual value or ‘worth’ with inequalities in the academic profession, including those of gender and ethnicity/race. Putting into conversation sociological work on valuation and evaluation, the work on intellectual positioning, and the concept of epistemic injustice, the talk sketches the contours of an intersectional political economy of knowledge production. 


Dr Jana Bacevic is a social theorist with an interest in aspects of knowledge, ranging from formal epistemology to social practices, politics and policies. Her work combines philosophy, sociology, and political economy to study how ideas, institutions, and practices of knowledge production interact with the social world.

Dr Bacevic joined the Department of Sociology at Durham in 2020, having previously worked at the University of Cambridge, University of Aarhus, Central European University in Budapest, Singidunum University and the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Belgrade.

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