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Department of Sociology


COVID19 Information

SOC 1 teaching will take place online via Microsoft Teams. Follow the steps in this Using Teams Guide to get started.

For information about the new assessment arrangements, please check the information contained in the Part I FAQ.

Key Information

Online time-table
This is live time-table that is updated with changes as they happen. You can select "HSPS Part I" courses and view time, date and location information.

HSPS Part I lecture list
This is a static pdf document that provides an overview of HSPS Part I teaching across the year.

HSPS Part I course material
Here you can find paper guides, marking criteria, exam timetables and other information.

Part I Overview

In Part I, students take four introductory papers, which include:

  • Introduction to Sociology: Modern Societies I (SOC 1)
  • The Modern State and its Alternatives (POL 1)
  • International Conflict, Order, and Justice (POL 2)
  • Social Anthropology: The Comparative Perspective (SAN 1)

Alternatively, students can select three papers from the list above, and one paper from the list below:

  • Humans in Biological Perspective (B 1)
  • World Archaeology (A 1)
  • Introduction to the Cultures of Egypt and Mesopotamia (A 3)
  • Introduction to Psychology (PBS 1)