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Department of Sociology


Lecture Time Table

HSPS Part I lecture time-table
This is live time-table that is updated with changes as they happen.  The e-timetable can also be exported to your device: if you would like to do this, please make sure that your device's time-zone is set to London, UK.

HSPS Part I lecture list 
This is a static pdf document and is updated regularly.


In Part I, you choose from a wide range of papers, giving you the opportunity to sample subjects which you may not have studied before. You take four papers, and can combine the Sociology paper (SOC 1) with two other papers chosen from:

  • Introduction to Sociology: Modern Societies I -Paper Guide: (SOC 1)
  • The Modern State and its Alternatives (POL 1)
  • International Conflict, Order, and Justice (POL 2)
  • Social Anthropology: The Comparative Perspective (SAN 1)

and a fourth paper chosen from the above, or from:

  • Humans in Biological Perspective (B 1)
  • World Archaeology (A 1)
  • Introduction to the Cultures of Egypt and Mesopotamia (A 3)
  • Introduction to Psychology (PBS 1)


For paper guides, marking criteria, and other information on the HSPS Part I course, click here: Part I course material