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Department of Sociology

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The Department of Sociology is committed to the wellbeing of our students and staff.

Our aim is to provide a well-organised and welcoming atmosphere and to ensure that our students' time at Cambridge is an enjoyable one. However, we are aware that sometimes the challenging schedules and high standards expected of our students and staff can seem overwhelming and therefore incredibly stressful.


Generally tutors or supervisors are well-equipped to help with any issues that students might have, because the leap into University life is one that they know very well. However, there may also be times during your Cambridge career that you need to talk to someone, whether the problem seems insurmountable, or whether it is a small obstacle. 

1 in 4 of us experience problems with mental or emotional health at some time in our lives.

The NHS website has a special section, Moodzone, dedicated to teaching coping mechanisms for stress, anxiety, and depression. It offers practical advice, interactive tools, videos and audio guides to help you feel mentally and emotionally better.


Signs and symptoms of mental health and wellbeing issues

  • Thoughts - difficulty concentrating; disruptive, interrupted or racing thoughts; difficulty making decisions; negative thinking; lack of self belief
  • Feelings - reduced self worth; prolonged sadness; rapid mood changes; anxiety; panic; increased irritability; feelings of being overwhelmed or out of control
  • Behaviour - lack of motivation; being tearful; less active; disorganisation; social withdrawal; difficulty falling or staying asleep; poor work/life balance; agitation
  • Physical - fatigue; lethargy; tremors or palpitations; difficulty breathing; weight loss or gain; lack of appetite




Every year, Cambridge hosts the Festival of Wellbeing.
This includes a series of free talks, tours, health check ups and relaxation workshops.