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Applying to Cambridge may seem like an overwhelming experience for students and teachers alike, but by following the steps below, we hope to make this experience much easier.

Applying to Sociology

When applying for a degree in Sociology, your student will need to apply to the HSPS Tripos (Human, Social, and Political Sciences).

Undergraduate students study several disciplines in their first year and then specialise in one (i.e. Sociology) or two (i.e. Sociology with Social Anthropology or Sociology with Politics) in their second and third years.

Students will need to submit two pieces of teacher marked work with their application and there is the option to submit the Cambridge SAQ to support the application. There is no need to submit a specfic tutor reference for Cambridge, but if you wish to make specific comments, please direct these to the Admissions Tutor at the College where the student has applied.

Interview Preparation

The main reason for interviewing students is to explore their academic potential, motivation and suitability for their chosen course. The questions asked will assess the students’ problem-solving abilities; ability to assimilate new ideas and information; and their intellectual flexibility and analytical reasoning.

Students will be asked academic questions, relevant to
HSPS and based on the information written in their application. Spend time with your students asking them to talk about their motivations for applying to HSPS and insights into the subject area. Use the essays that the student has submitted with their application as a foundation for discussion. The interviewers will ask the applicant about their wider interests, so it is a good idea to spend some time talking with your student about any extra-curricular activities that they participate in and how they envisage participating in wider College life whilst studying at Cambridge.

Student Support

Cambridge provides an incredibly supportive environment for students to learn, live and develop within. The Sociology Department is able to provide a good deal of academic support for students and each College has their own pastoral support system. We have a well resourced Disability Resource Centre and University Counselling Service.

Financial support is available for students and bursaries of up to £3,500/year can be offered through the Cambridge Bursary Scheme. Financial support may also be available through Colleges and additional awards for sports, music and students with disabilities are obtainable.

Further Guidance

Further guidance for teachers can be found in our booklet and through the central University website.

Guide for Teachers

Guidance for Teachers

A World Leader

The Department of Sociology at the University of Cambridge is a world-leading centre for teaching and research in Sociology, consistently ranked first in UK league tables by The Guardian, The Independent and The Times. Read more >