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Part-time PhD Studies

The Department welcomes applications for part-time PhD studies form candidates wanting to further their academic abilities but also like to remain in employment. Part-time MPhil studies are not possible in Sociology.

Basic information on part-time studies is given on the Graduate Admissions' part-time portal. This page gives information particular to Sociology.

Part-time PhDs study five years (15 terms). Applicants interested in part-time study must approach potential supervisors in advance of applying and secure informal confirmation that the academic is willing to supervise because supervising a candidate of this mode of study is a long term commitment.  When applying the relevant box for part-time study on the Applicant Portal  must be ticked and the potential supervisor named. Applications without a named supervisor will not be reviewed.

Applicants will be interviewed by the potential supervisor and one other academic, typically the Director of Graduate Education, to assess whether

  • the proposed research is feasible for part-time studies.
  • the applicant is able to sustain a part-time approach to study.
  • the applicant has funds for funding for five years.
  • the applicant lives close enough to Cambridge to be able to fulfill attendance requirements.

A report on the interview and an individual five year research plan setting out attendance requirements for training and seminars, frequency of supervisions and progress stages are drawn up and sent to Graduate Admissions.

For residence and visa requirements check the Part-time Graduate Study Guide.