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Sociological Research Group Individual in the Labour Market Welcome to the website of the Individual in the Labour Market (ILM) reading group. We are an interdisciplinary research support group which has been established by members of the Department of Sociology and also attracts members from psychology, management, geography and politics. Our intention is to create links between those who have similar research interests. Our subject areas broadly consist of links between The labour market, i.e. employment, unemployment, job and economic insecurity Non-employment, i.e. housework, childcare, student work The transition into work from unemployment and non-employment, and through government active labour market programmes (ALMPs) Well-being, e.g. physical and psychological health, poverty, job satisfaction, stress at work, work intensity, family stability, lifecycle perspectives, etc. And new forms of work and organising Our activities include: reading groups and seminars with outside speakers, sharing of research expertise, workshops on members' own work in progress, cross-institutional research collaboration, and social events. How to get involved with the ILM group Joining is FREE and very simple, but requires your frequent attendance at our reading group sessions. Just send your name and research interests to Dr. Brendan Burchell and Alex Wood (ILM coordinators). Recently discussed topics: Home and work - working from home and 'homing' from work Psychological contract Status syndrome: how social standing affects health and life expectancy Recent changes in German industrial relations (Seminar) Work intensification Work-life balance Gender and Employment in Europe Job Insecurity and the changing job tenure