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Gender, Reproduction and Family Life

This is a thriving area of the Department's research and we welcome inquiries from MPhil and PhD students and post-doctoral researchers who wish to work in this area.

Several different strands of ongoing research intersect in this rapidly growing area of sociological research at Cambridge.

Gender Inequalities and Family Research


  • Professor Jacqueline Scott led a large ESRC Research Network on gender inequalities in production and reproduction (GeNet). The ESRC funding was from 2004 and 2010 (see GeNet web link below for research outputs). This work has continued with a new international focus looking at gender role and family change in Europe, North America and Asia.
  • A new edition of the Blackwell Companion to Sociology of Families (edited by Judy Treas, Jacqueline Scott and Martin Richards) is due to be published in 2014, which includes a much more global focus, than the original 2004 edition. This is a collaborative project that brings together Sociology and the Centre for Family Research (see CFR link below).
  • A new strand of research undertaken by Jacqueline Scott and Dr Rory Coulter (a research associate) concerns family and migration issues across the life course. This is based on longitudinal analysis of the British Household Panel Study and Understanding Society.
  • Dr Anna Bagnoli (an affiliated researcher) works on gender and migration concerns, with a study of youth identities and migration in the UK and Italy.

Reproductive Studies

  • Professor Sarah Franklin is leading a new programme in Reproductive Studies in Cambridge Sociology. This initiative combines research funding from the Wellcome Trust and the British Academy to support historical research on assisted conception, as well as ethnographic studies of stem cell research.
  • Dr Zeynep Gurtin is completing a book manuscript on IVF in Turkey and a major research project on cross-border reproductive care. She also researches egg donation in the UK.

Additional Research on Gender, Reproduction and Family Life

Other researchers involved in this area include:

  • Professor Goran Therborn who examines the sex-power nexus and rapid world family change;
  • Dr David Lehmann who works on ethnography of family life among ultra-Orthodox Jewish sects;
  • Dr Brendan Burchell who uses large scale survey data to examine gender stratification, the labour market and wellbeing in Europe (see Individual and Labour Market);
  • Dr Robert Blackburn who continues the use of the Cambridge Stratification Scale (see link to CAMSIS below) to examine gender segregation in the labour market.
  • Dr Veronique Mottier, whose research concerns social theory and sexualities; Eugenics and the State; and Foucault and the family.


Full details of the current research interests of individual members of staff can be found by following the links in the Members of the Department pages.

For information on other research groups in the Department, visit the Research page.