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Luis Garrido Vergara


Luis Garrido Vergara is a Ph.D. candidate in Sociology at the University of Cambridge, Magdalene' College and works under the direction of Dr David Lehmann. Luis's research focuses on political elites in Chile and Latin America. His current research seeks to define, describe and compare the mechanisms and strategies that have been instrumental in making the Chilean political elite more compact and effective at keeping outsiders and newcomers out in contemporary Chile after the transition to democracy. He uses a mix of quantitative and qualitative methods including an ethnography of the elite. Luis's peer-reviewed articles are published by 'Razon y Palabra' (Mexico), Universidad Oberta de Catalunya (Spain), Universidad de Chile, and recently in the International Journal of Human Rights (forthcoming, 2014) and Studies of Transition States and Societies (forthcoming, 2014).

Luis's professional experience has been developed mainly in the field of statistical research and quantitative/qualitative analysis, initially as research assistant and later on as independent consultant and international adviser. Within the IDB (Santiago Branch), he worked on a research program related to the reforms of civil services in Peru and Chile, as well as on strategic analysis of public policies. For the National Fund of Technological Development, he studied the process of decision and policy making within the Chilean government focused in the Chilean government project to modernize the state ( He also worked as methodological specialist in the research project focused on the study of elites in Chile for the Diego Portales University as well as for the Universitat Oberta of Catalunya (Barcelona, Spain) in the research group about institutionalism in Latin America.

Selected Awards and Grants

2013-2014: The University of Cambridge. Board of Graduate Studies. Scholarship. Fieldwork funding.

2012-2015: Chilean Government 'Becas Chile'. Full Scholarship for Doctoral Studies.

2010:University of Chile. Maximum Distinction - Master in Public Policy.

2008-2009:University of Chile. Academic Excellence Scholarship - Master in Public Policy.

2008:University of Chile. Maximum Distinction - Sociology.

2007-2008:Ford Foundation and University of Chile. Winner of the contest: 'Youth Winner Researchers'.

Teaching and Professional Experience

2011: National Academy of strategic and political studies. Ministry of Defense. Chile. Lecturer of the course "Development of local networks". Diploma in High Security Studies.

2010: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. Barcelona - Spain. Member of research group about Institutionalism in Latin America. With Patricio Navia, Mikel Barrera and Daniela García

2009-2010: University of Chile. Faculty of Physical Sciences and Mathematics; Department of Industrial Engineering. Consultant for project for developing micro-entrepreneurs in Santiago of Chile: "Building our Dreams".

2010: Central University from Chile. Professor for the undergraduate program: Political Communication.

2007-2013: University of Chile. Assistant Professor for the postgraduate program from 2009: Economy and Public Policies. Professor for the undergraduate program from 2009: Local and Regional Management. Assistant Professor for the undergraduate program (2007-2008): Economics of Public Sector, Public finances, Fiscal decentralization, Political Communication, Sociological Theory and Human Behavior in Organizations.

Selected Journalistic Articles and papers

Garrido, Luis. 2013. The perils of Subcontracting: The cases of Chile and Colombia. The International Journal of Human Rights. Forthcoming.

Garrido, Luis. 2014. A gift or a bribe? Building a new state morality: The cases of Chile and Argentine. Studies of Transition States and Societies. Forthcoming.

Garrido, Luis. 2014. Political elites and social change in modern societies. Revista de Sociologia Universidad de Chile (in English).

Garrido, Luis. 2011. Decentralization and Regional Development in Chile: 4 important issues. Buen Gobierno Review. México (in Spanish).

Garrido, Luis. 2011. Public education and Decentralization in Chile: The case of municipal contribution to the school subsidy. Diversia Review. University of Chile (in Spanish).

Garrido, Luis. 2011. Habermas and the communicative action. Razón y Palabra Review. México (in Spanish).


Garrido, Luis. 2012. Strategic interaction during the implementation of public policies: The case of the new human resources policy in the Chilean public sector (2003-2006). Editorial academica española (in Spanish).

Garrido Luis. 2012. State, society and Public Policies Public: the implementation of the Chilean health reform in Puerto Montt. Editorial academica española (in Spanish).

Research Interests

Government, Democracy, Public Policies, Political Sociology, Elites and Political Elites, Institutional and Political Economy, Latin American Politics, Electoral Systems, Political Parties

For more information, please visit his personal webpage.

  • E-mail:
  • Address: Department of Sociology, Free School Lane, Cambridge CB2 3RQ
  • Supervisor: Dr David Lehmann
  • College: Magdalene
  • Thesis Title: Elites and politics: Who governs us? The evolution of Chilean society and its ruling elite, 1990 - 2010