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Diana T. Kudaibergenova

Diana T. Kudaibergenova is a PhD candidate at the Department of Sociology, University of Cambridge. Diana has BA (hons) in International Journalism and Mass Communications (KIMEP University, Kazakhstan), MA in International and Intercultural Relations (Universidad de Deusto, Spain), MPhil in Modern Societies and Global Transformations/Sociology (University of Cambridge, UK) and currently defended her PhD in the Department of Sociology at University of Cambridge. Her research concerns with the patterns of post-Soviet national developments in Central Asia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Estonia and Latvia. She is particularly interested in the ways of formation of national identities and symbols in these countries and elites that influence such processes. Part of her project focuses on new nationalized ideologies and their symbolism as well as on the foreign policy and integration processes in the region.

Research interests

Theories of nationalism, elites, sociology of media and culture, political sociology, revolutions, Eurasian integration, ENP.

Selected Publications


Kudaibergenova, D. (2015) “Nationalising Elites and Regimes: Nation-Building in Post-Soviet ‘Authoritarianism’ and ‘Democracy’” in Laurelle, M. (ed.) “Kazakhstan beyond economic success. Exploring social and cultural changes in Eurasia”, ME Sharpe

Kudaibergenova, D. (2015) “The representation of femininity and masculinity in the formation of national ideas and national symbols in Central Asia: art as resistance” in “Gender in Central Asia” Nationalities Papers Special Issue.

Kudaibergenova, D. (2014) “Europeanisation as normalization in OSCE discourses in post-Soviet Latvia and Kazakhstan” in “All things to all people?” Internal and external approaches to Europeanisation” Global Europe Centre, University of Kent Working Paper. 

Kudaibergenova, D. (2013) “Imagining community” in Soviet Kazakhstan. An historical analysis of narrative on nationalism in Kazakh-Soviet literature” Nationalities Papers, 45 (5), pp. 839-854. 

Kudaibergenova, D. (2013) “National identity formation in post-Soviet Central Asia: Soviet legacy and primordialism. Patterns of ideological development post 1991” in Akildiz and Carson (2013) Social and Cultural Change in Central Asia: the Soviet Legacy, London: Routledge.

Invited Talks

“Punk Shamanism, Revolt and Break Up of Traditional Linkage: The waves of cultural awakening in post-Soviet Kazakhstan,” presented at the “Literature and History Intersections in Central Asia” workshop, Central Asian Studies Institute, AUCA, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

“Nationalising Elites and Regimes: Nation-building within post-Soviet Authoritarianism and Democracy” June 13-14 2014, “Kazakhstan beyond economic success. Exploring social and cultural changes in Eurasia” a conference organized by the George Washington University’s Central Asia program and the Uppsala Centre for Russian and Eurasian Studies, Uppsala University, Sweden

“National Ideology in Kazakhstan within nation-building theories,” December 11 2013, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

“Imagining Community in Soviet Kazakhstan. An historical analysis of Kazakh-Soviet nationalist narratives,” November 6 2013 Central Asia Program, George Washington University Conference on “Kazakh Culture. Legacies and Innovations,” Washington DC

“In the Heart of Ambiguous Eurasia: Nazarbayev’s vision on National Ideology in Kazakhstan,” October 10 2013, University of Manchester, Manchester, UK “What is Eurasia to Us?” workshop

“The logic of the field: nationalising regimes and democratization in Central Asia” October 8 2013, CERI Central Asian Colloquium, Paris, France

“EU policy towards Russian minority in Latvia: influence and change” October 7 2013, Science Po, Paris, France, Autour de la Baltique Seminar

“Unionist Nationalism and new ideas of “civic nationhood” in post-Soviet space: Customs Union evolution,” presented at the “Nationalism in post-Soviet Central Asia” round table in Cambridge, March 2012, UK

Teaching Experience

Undergraduate supervisor in the Media and Society, Societies and Global Transformations, Revolution, War and Militarism, Modern Britain, Racism, Race and Ethnicity, and Political Economy of Capitalism (Media essays)



Trinity Hall Cambridge Research Grants 2010-2015: £ 4000 (accum.)


UACES Research Grant for Fieldwork in Ukraine, (UCL, London): £ 1500

ASN Travel Grant: £ 300


Holodomor Research and Education Consortium (HREC) Grants for three conference and research visits (University of Alberta, Canada): £ 2500 (accum.)


Central European University Grant for “Politics of Citizenship in Europe” Summer Course: £ 900

Centre for Eastern European and Language Based Area Studies (CEELBAS) and OSCE Internship Research Scheme: £ 3000


Social Sciences Research Council Grant (SSRC), USA, “Rewriting history: Nationalism, Identity, and The politics of the Past” Dissertation Workshops in Toronto (2012) and Philadelphia (2014


Department of Sociology, University of Cambridge Research Grant, 2011-2012:£ 1500 (accum.)


Centre for Eastern European and Language Based Area Studies (CEELBAS) international expertise grant: £ 1000 (Latvian Language and Latvian University collaboration)

Cambridge Overseas Trust, Dissertation Fieldwork Grant: £ 12,000

Cambridge Overseas Trust, PhD full fellowship grants: approx. £ 120,000


Cambridge Overseas Trust, MPhil full fellowship grants: approx. £ 20,000

LSE-USC Annenberg School of Communications joint-MA unconditional offer - declined

Edmund S. Muskie Graduate Fellowship for MA in Communication Studies (Columbia University), declined

Bolashak Presidential Fellowship to sponsor graduate studies in mass communications and journalism, declined


KIMEP University Nazarbayev Fellowship for Outstanding Undergraduates: full tuition fee and stipend provided; GPA President’s List; Exxon Mobile Fellowship for International Accreditation Committee Support work (£ 5,000 in 2005-2006 academic year); President’s Award for Academic and Student Contribution (2007)

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  • Address: Department of Sociology, Free School Lane, Cambridge CB2 3RQ
  • Supervisor: Dr. David Lane
  • College: Trinity Hall
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