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Richard Mills


Richard Mills is a postdoctoral research associate working on the ChainReact project, he previously worked in the same capacity on the closely related WikiRate project. Richard leads the research effort of WikiRate, and has been heavily involved in the design of the platform's approach to collaborative research, developing and overseeing projects with partners like Amnesty International, The Walk Free Foundation, the Global Reporting Initiative and the UN Principles of Responsible Management Education initiative.

Richard's research interests are in studying online communities, specifically peer production communities and communities that deploy distributed moderation to manage content. He completed his PhD Thesis in 2014 on the subject of Distributed Moderation systems, using methods including the collection and statistical analysis of procedural data from sites like reddit and Stackoverflow, and in-depth case studies of how particular stories were covered and collective actions organised on reddit.

Before coming to Cambridge, Richard worked as a postdoctoral research associate in the Department of Sociology at Lancaster University on a project studying metacommunities of code on code-sharing platforms like Github. Richard also previously worked for the Lancaster's Sociology Department as a data scientist studying the production and sharing of next generation genomic sequencing data.

  • Position: Research Assistant
  • Address: Department of Sociology, Free School Lane, Cambridge CB2 3RQ