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Philip Luther-Davies


Philip Luther-Davies joined the Department of Sociology in 2013 as a MPhil student working under the supervision of his current principal supervisor, Dr Thomas Jeffrey Miley. Philip's MPhil dissertation, 'Identity, Discourse and Class in Israel: the 2013 Election Campaigns and Social Media', was awarded a Distinction, and Philip graduated into the PhD in Sociology in 2014.

His current PhD project is on how nationalism, ethnic cleavages and socio-economic inequalities impact municipal politics and general election outcomes in Israel. He is testing existing theories on Israeli identity and nationalist politics by conducting a thorough empirical analysis of three municipalities in Israel’s centre that has included fieldwork to interview political actors in those places as well as in the Knesset in Jerusalem.

Philip has a MA in Security Studies from Tel Aviv University and a BA (Hons) in International Relations from the University of Sussex.


Research Interests

Philip is interested in Israeli sociology, politics, political-economy, civil-military relations, nationalism, citizenship, identity politics and international relations. He is interested in wider questions of parliamentary / legislative responsiveness to different socio-economic, ethnic, national and racial groups in the UK and USA as well as analysing election discourses and tracking polls / survey data in these countries.




SOC11: Race, Racism and Ethnicity on Topic 10: Anti-Semitism: its history, politics and the genocide of European Jews

MPhil in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies (Specialisation Muslim-Jewish Relations): Special Topics paper, 'Zionism, Arab Nationalism, and Modern Jewish identity'

Undergraduate Course Supervision:

SOC1: Introduction to Sociology - Modern Societies I

SOC3: Modern Societies II, Global Social Problems and Dynamics of Resistance

SOC11: Race, Racism and Ethnicity 

Grants and Projects

Luther-Davies, P. Hughes Hall, Hughes Hall Scholars Bursary, 2014-2018 

Luther-Davies, P. Hughes Hall, Santander Bursary, 2015

PhD Supervisor

Dr Thomas Jeffery Miley

Dr Shana Cohen

Research Groups & Affiliations

Political Sociology Research Cluster


Academic Excellence Award, Faculty of Social Sciences, Tel Aviv University

  • Position: Research Assistant
  • Address: Department of Sociology, Free School Lane, Cambridge CB2 3RQ