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Christel Lane


Christel Lane is Professor of Economic Sociology and has been a Fellow of St. John’s College since 1990. She graduated from the University of Essex in 1972 and obtained her PhD from the LSE in 1976. After a Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship in Cambridge from 1976-79, she taught Sociology at the University of Aston between 1981 and 1990. She has been a Visiting  Scholar at the Berlin Social Science Research Centre;  Graz University, Austria; Harvard Centre for European Studies;  Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna; University of Minas Gerais, Brazil; and at Sophia University, Tokyo/Japan. Christel Lane was President of the Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics in 2006, and she has served on the Scientific Advisory Board of the Sociological Research Institute for Social Science in Goettingen/Germany until 2014. She has written extensively in the area of Comparative Capitalism, with a special focus on the UK, France, Germany and the USA. She is the author of Industry and Society in Europe; National Capitalisms and Global Production Networks; The Cultivation of Taste. Chefs and the organization of Fine Dining, the editor of Trust within and between Organizations and the co-editor of Capitalist Diversity, Diversity within Capitalism, as well as of numerous journal articles.


Brief CV


1972, B.Soc. Scie, University of Essex (Sociology) 
1976, Ph.D.(Sociology), London School of Economics and Political Science.  

Professional History:

1976-79, SSRC Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (now HSPS), University of Cambridge.
1981-90, Lecturer in Sociology, University of Aston Business School.
1990-98 Lecturer in Sociology
1998-2005 Reader in Economic Sociology
2005- Professor of Economic Sociology
Faculty of Politics, Psychology, Sociology and International Studies , University of Cambridge.
1990- Fellow, St. John's College, Cambridge.  

Other Appointments and Affiliations

2006 President of the Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (SASE). 
2006- 2014 Member of Scientific Advisory Board, Soziologisches Forschungsinstitut Goettingen/Germany.
1997- 2012 Member of Executive Council of SASE.

2002- Member of Editorial Board,
 Socio-Economic Review
2000- Member of Editorial Board,
 British Journal of Sociology 



The Cultivation of Taste. Chefs and the organization of Fine Dining. Oxford University Press 2014 and 2016.

National Capitalisms, Global Production Networks. Oxford University Press 2009. Joint author, with Jocelyn Probert.

Capitalist Diversity and Diversity within Capitalism. Routledge 2012. Joint editor, with Geoffrey Wood.

Trust within and between Organizations. Oxford University Press, 1998. Joint editor, with R. Bachmann.

Industry and Society in Europe.  Stability and Change in Britain, Germany and France.  Edward Elgar 1995.  Paperback version in 1996.


Book Chapters

Diversity within Capitalisms and capitalist diversity’, The Handbook of Employment Relations, OUP 2014. Paperback 2016, with Geoffrey Wood.

SMEs in the global economy: a comparison of the global production networks of German and British firms in the clothing industry’, K. Bluhm and R. Schmidt eds., Change in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. Towards a New European Capitalism., Palgrave Macmillan, 2008, with Jocelyn Probert.


Refereed Articles

Cooking under Fire: Managing multi-Level Tensions between Creativity and Innovation in Haute Cuisine’, Industry and Innovation, 22, 8, 2015, 654-676, with Daniela Lup.

Are Large, Globally Operating MNCs Undermining the Distinctiveness of Coordinated Market Economies? The Cases of Germany and Japan’ The Journal of Comparative Economic Studies, 10, March, 2015, 111-142.

Review of book ‘Capital in the 21st Century by Thomas Picketty’, Questions of Political Economy, 1, 2015, 133-135 (in Russian Language).

Taste makers in the fine dining industry: the attribution of aesthetic and economic value’, Poetics, 41, 4, 2014, 342-365.

Culinary culture and globalization. An analysis of British and German Michelin-starred restaurants’, British Journal of Sociology, 62, 4, 2011, 696-717.

The Private Regulation of Labour Standards and Rights in the Global Clothing Industry: An Evaluation of Its Effectiveness in Two Developing Countries’, New Political Economy, 16, 1, 2011, with Tugce Bulut.

The Michelin-Starred Restaurant Sector as a Cultural Industry: a cross-national comparison of restaurants in Britain and Germany’, Food, Culture and Society, 13, 4, 2010.



Teaching in the Department of Sociology, Faculty of Human, Social, and Political Science.

M. Phil. Teaching

Global Economic and Political Transformation.



Professor Lane currently supervises four doctoral students and one MPhil student.


  • Position: Emeritus Professor
  • E-mail:
  • Tel: 01223 330521
  • Tel (St John's College): 01223 338660
  • Fax: 01223 334550
  • Address: Department of Sociology, Free School Lane, Cambridge CB2 3RQ
  • Research Interests: Michelin-Starred Restaurants as a Cultural Industry; Global Value Chains/Production Networks in the Clothing Industry; Varieties of Capitalism analysis, with special reference to Germany and the UK.
  • Professor Lane supervises graduate students