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Department of Sociology


Where to get advice

The best source of practical information is the Moodle course site called MPhil Sociology (Raven log-in required), which contains your course handbook, with dates for submission of work, format of work, Department and Faculty administration, as well as resources, and a chat room. You can also find submission forms, essay topics and sample essays on Moodle. You can also download a copy of the Student Life Guide- written by students- for students. 

Seminars and events

There is always plenty happening around the Department and Faculty. There is a series of weekly seminars by national and international speakers, which all are welcome to attend. You can find more information about departmental events here.


Graduate students organise informal gatherings, usually once a week in the department or around the university to which PhD and MPhil students are welcome. Exact dates and times are announced via the student mailing lists.

Mailing lists

All MPhil students are on the MPhil mailing list through which important information and the weekly sociology noticeboard email are disseminated. Students can also contact the group via this list, but are asked to keep traffic to a minimum.

Students and student representatives

Each year, a student is elected to represent all graduate students of the Faculty. In the Department of Sociology this graduate student representative is assisted by one or two PhD delegates. These delegates are invited to attend the departmental meetings and the Graduate Education Committee to raise concerns and issues. New MPhil delegates are elected each November.

Academic Staff Term Time Office Hours  

Prof Patrick Baert Appointment by email -
Dr Brendan Burchell Appointment by email -
Dr Filipe Carreira Da Silva Appointment by email -
Dr Manali Desai Wed 10.00-12.00, Phoenix Room 25
Dr Teije Donker  Appointment by email -
Prof Sarah Franklin Appointment by email -
Dr Stuart Hogarth Appointment by email -
Dr Maria Iacovou Appointment by email -
Dr Hazem Kandil   On leave in 2018-19
Dr Ella McPherson (Lent & Easter terms 2019) Appointment by email -
Dr Jeff Miley Appointment by email -
Dr Monica Moreno  Figueroa Appointment by email -
Dr Tiffany Page Appointment by email -
Dr Robert Pralat Appointment by email -
Dr Mark Ramsden  Appointment by email -
Prof Jacqueline Scott  Appointment by email -
Dr Matthew Sparkes Appointment by email -
Prof John Thompson Appointment by email -
Dr Darin Weinberg Appointment by email -



A World Leader

The Department of Sociology at the University of Cambridge is a world-leading centre for teaching and research in Sociology, consistently ranked first in UK league tables by The Guardian, The Times, and the Independent.