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One Year Part II guidelines

Guidelines for students wishing to take a one-year Part II in Sociology: 2018-19

Students wishing to take a one-year Part II in Sociology can take four papers across Part IIA and Part IIB.

  1. Students normally ought to take either SOC2 ( Social Theory) or SOC3 (Modern Societies)
  2. Students should not take HSPS SOC4 ( Concepts and Arguments)
  3. Replacing one of the papers by a dissertation is not allowed
  4. SOC6 can be taken only if SOC2 was taken in Year 2.

In 2018-19, available Sociology Part II papers are:

Part IIA

SOC2.       Social theory: organised by Prof P Baert

SOC3.       Modern societies II: organised by Dr J Miley (M) and Dr E Mc Pherson (L&E)

SOC4.       Concepts and arguments in sociology: organised by Dr M Desai

SOC5.       Statistics and methods: organised by Dr M Ramsden


Part IIB

SOC6.       A subject in sociology I: Advanced Social Theory: organised by Dr Carreira da Silva

SOC7.       A subject in sociology II: Media, Culture and Society: organised by Dr T Page (M) and Dr E McPherson (L&E)

SOC8.       A subject in sociology III: Religion and Contentious Mobilization: organised by Dr T Donker

SOC9.       A subject in sociology IV: Global Capitalism: organised by Dr S Hogarth

SOC10.     A subject in sociology V: Gender: organised by Dr T Page

SOC11.     A subject in sociology VI: Racism, Race and Ethnicity: organised by Dr M Desai

SOC12.     A subject in sociology VII:Social Problems in Modern Britain: organised by Dr J Miley

SOC13.     A subject in sociology VIII: Health, Medicine and Society; organised by Dr D Weinberg

SOC14.     The sociology of education (Paper 3 of Part II of the Education Tripos): organised by Dr N Heath

SOC15.     Criminology, sentencing, and the penal system (Paper 34 of the Law Tripos): organised by Prof L Gelsthorpe


Students should register their choices with the sociology administrator :

The paper choices will have to be approved by the HSPS Faculty Board.