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Department of Sociology


The Sociology/Criminology Joint Track is available to second-year students in the HSPS course.

There is no crime without society, and in this joint track, students will learn key sociological concepts and approaches to social problems alongside topics such as: the understanding of patterns of crime, pathways into and out of crime, and critical issues regarding law, policy and practice in relation to criminal justice and sentencing.

In Part IIA and Part IIB, students on the Sociology/Criminology joint track will take the following paper modules, taught by the Sociology Department and the Institute of Criminology:

Part IIA Part IIB
  • Social Theory (SOC2)
  • Global Social Problems (SOC3)
  • Foundation in Criminology and Criminal Justice (CRIM1)
  • Statistics and Methods (SOC5) or two essays on a Criminology topic (CRIM3)
  • Criminology, Sentencing and the Penal System (CRIM4)
  • Social Order, Violence and Organised Forms of Criminality (CRIM5)
  • Two papers chosen from Sociology (SOC5-13)
  • One paper can be swapped for a dissertation.

To view the paper guides for the Sociology/Criminology track, click on the Part II button below. For queries, please contact the Undergraduate Administrator for Sociology.

Part II Course Information