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Current Undergraduates

Sociology at Cambridge is taught within the Human, Social and Political Sciences (HSPS) Tripos. 

Read the Sociology Guidebook for students by students.

 Supervision in Sociology:

The following guidelines have been set up by the Sociology Undergraduate Education Committee regarding supervisions:

  • Students should expect to receive 6 to 8 supervisions for each paper.
  • Students will be expected to produce a minimum of 4 essays instead of being required to write 6 essays. While still holding the stipulated 6 supervisions, individual supervisors can decide to use some supervision sessions to read and discuss an article, ask students to present on a topic, or find other ways to address the topic in ways that are stimulating and provide a learning experience for students.
  • Supervisions should not start later than week 3 of Michaelmas term.
  • Queries and concerns relating to supervisions should be addressed by students, in the first instance to their Director of Studies; secondly to the Course Organiser; thirdly to the Director of Sociology Undergraduate Education: Dr Manali Desai.

Read the Sociology Supervisors' Guide.



The HSPS Faculty takes plagiarism very seriously, please consult the plagiarism guide to find out more about what constitutes plagiarism and its consequences.


Academic Staff Term Time Office Hours
Prof Patrick Baert appointment by email
Dr Brendan Burchell Tu. 4.15-5.10; Th. 12.15-1.00, Magdalene College Pepys LC3
Dr Manali Desai Wed 10.00-12.00, Phoenix Room P25
Dr Olivier Driessens

check availability via :

Prof Sarah Franklin appointment by email
Dr Maria Iacovou appointment by email
Dr Hazem Kandil appointment by email
Prof Larry King appointment by email
Dr Ella McPherson appointment by email
Dr Jeff Miley appointment by email
Dr Monica Moreno Figueroa Term time: Thu. 3.00-4.00, Sociology Room 729; Vacation: appt by email
Dr Mark Ramsden appointment by email
Prof Jacqueline Scott appointment by email
Dr Matthew Sparkes appointment by email
Prof John Thompson appointment by email
Dr Darin Weinberg appointment by email


Contact: For any queries regarding the undergraduate Sociology course, please email Odette Rogers on:

The Director of Undergraduate Education for Sociology is

Cambridge Undergraduate Quantitative Methods

Cambridge Undergraduate Quantitative Methods (CUQM) was established in 2014 and is dedicated to improving the provision of quantitative methods training to social science and humanities undergraduates at the University of Cambridge. 

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