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Prospective MPhils

MPhil in Sociology (Course code HUSCM2)

The MPhil Sociology offers a world-class programme of study in social theory, research methods and substantive subjects. Students can choose to study one of four pathways

  • Modern Society and Global Transformations
  • Sociology of Culture and Media
  • Political and Economic Sociology
  • Sociology of Reproduction

Modern Society and Global Transformations offers a holistic approach to studying a choice of substantive subjects such as Revolution, Political Sociology, Economic Sociology, Health, Biomedicine, Reproduction, Labour, Gender, Race and Nationalism and Culture and Media. 

Sociology of Culture and Media, Political and Economic Sociology and Sociology of Reproduction offer the opportunity to do specialised, in depth study. 


What’s in it for you (Aims and Objectives)

  • To offer high-quality students the opportunity to develop their analytic and writing abilities to their full potential
  • To maintain a close relationship between teaching and research so that all receive an education which reflects developments in their different disciplines
  • To develop students’ ability to use diverse sources of information with the efficiency and speed appropriate to their particular level of study
  • To help students develop analytical abilities and writing skills which will enable them to make a significant contribution to their chosen career

The overall aim of the Sociology MPhil is to provide students with an opportunity to study at an advanced level, recent social changes, and to enable students to integrate such knowledge with an understanding of theory and research methods, in preparation for research at doctoral level or its equivalent in other professional contexts.

On completion of the course students have:

  • An advanced understanding of current research in specific areas
  • Independent research skills and experience of putting them into practice
  • An ability to apply modern social theories to substantive research topics

The course aims to provide students, who already have a degree in a social science, with in-depth knowledge of some key dimensions of sociology.

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MPhil in Health, Medicine and Society

The Department of Sociology, together with History and Philosophy of Science and Social Anthropology, offers a new MPhil in Health, Medicine and Society from October 2017. This is administered by History and Philosophy of Science.  Please contact the for enquiries.