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Graduate Students

The list of Graduate students is shown below.

This list does not represent all of the Sociology PhD students and may be empty at the start of an academic year - information is supplied at the discretion of the students. The list includes links to student webpages or their thesis titles

If you are a current PhD student and would like your profile published here, you may apply using the form on the Faculty Intranet.




Asik, Mehmet Ozan

PhD Title: Representing the National ‘Other’ in the News Production of the Television Media in Turkey

Supervisor: J Thompson


Bacevic, Jana

PhD Title: War on Universities? Neoliberalism, knowledge production and intellectual positioning in the UK

Supervisor: Patrick Baert

Research Interests: Sociology of knowledge, social and political theory, epistemology, history of ideas, history and philosophy of science, political sociology, political economy, sociology of education; class and social reproduction; conflict and post-conflict societies; colonialism and post-colonialism; UK politics; Central and Eastern Europe

Bachmann, Anna

PhD Title: God's Bankers: Microfinance, Morality and the politics of Religious Economic Development in East Africa - a transitional organisational ethnography.

Supervisor: D Lehmann

Bar-El, Eliran

Thesis Title: Positioning the Intellectual: Zizek as a Sociological Phenomenon

Supervisor: Prof. Patrick Baert

Research Interests: Methodology of Science; Sociology of Interventions; Social Theory; Political Theology; Philosophy of Social Science

Barlee, Diane

PhD Title: A Fine Frenzy: A Sociological Examination of the Field of Contemporary British Poetry.

Supervisor: Professor John B. Thompson

Brablec Sklenar, Dana

PhD Title: Mapuche-Warriache: Organizational Structure and its Implications for State Indigenous Action

Supervisor: Dr. Mónica Moreno Figueroa


Carvalho, Tiago

PhD Title: Dynamics of Citizenship and Protest in Times of Austerity: Portugal and Spain in Comparative Perspective (2008-2014)

Supervisor: Dr. Thomas Jeffrey Miley & Dr. Pedro Ramos Pinto

Chaplin, Christopher

PhD Title: The Social Dynamics of the Salafist Movement in Indonesia: Global Networks, religious Renewal and Expressions of Piety in Urban Java

Supervisor: D Lehmann

Chen, Yen-Chun

PhD Title: Between Preference and Reality: Cohort Comparison on Intergenerational Support in Taiwan.

Supervisor: J Scott


Dent, Richard

PhD Title: Social networking for social good; mitigating poverty and social isolation through the formation of digital trust.

Supervisor: Dr. E McPherson

Research Interests: Social networking, social capital, theories of power, trust, online trust, poverty, social isolation, social exclusion, political sociology, implicit bias, open access, civic technology, crowd funding, peer production.



Fleet, Nicolas

PhD Title: Administration and emancipation: intellectual ideals and professional values of bureaucratic action in the Chilean state

Supervisor: David Lehmann

Research Interests: The interface between theory of social action and political sociology: the state and social transformations; domination and legitimacy; knowledge and interests; professions and the university; rationality and modernization.


Gaddini, Katie

PhD Title: Between Church and State: Evangelicalism, Politics and Purity in the UK

Supervisor: Dr. Manali Desai

Research interests include the intersection(s) of gender, sexuality, religion, and politics.

Garrido, Luis

PhD Title: Elites and politics: Who governs us? The evolution of Chilean society and its ruling elite, 1990 - 2010

Supervisor: Dr. David Lehmann

Research Interests: Government, Democracy, Public Policies, Political Sociology, Elites and Political Elites, Institutional and Political Economy, Latin American Politics, Electoral Systems, Political Parties

Geelan, Torsten

PhD Title: Disrupting the Status Quo: Trade Unions and Communicative Power at a Time of Austerity

Supervisor: Emeritus Professor William Brown

Gittins, Magnus

PhD Title: Unpacking the Migration-Development Nexus: A Comparative Study of the Institutional Architecture of Two Transnational Systems of Migration.

Supervisor: C Lane

Gonzalez Hernando, Marcos

Thesis title: Crisis economics, knowledge production and the public sphere: the effects, reaction and narrations of the economic crash of 2008 as seen by British think tanks and intellectual organisations

Supervisor: Patrick Baert

Research interests include: Sociology of Knowledge, Sociology of Intellectuals, Economic and Political Sociology, Social Theory, Social Anthropology, Sociology of Religion, Sociology of Science, Sociology of Time, Intellectual History and the study of the Financial Crisis of 2008

Guo, Zhitian

Thesis Title: Accountability Journalism in the Digital Age.

Supervisor: David Lehmann

Research Interests: Political sociology and anthropology; Chinese ethnic minority; regional autonomy and nation state; ethnographic methods.

Güzel, Hande

PhD Title: The Medicalized and Gendered Body in Turkey

Supervisor: Dr. Mónica Moreno Figueroa

Research interests: Sociology of gender, body, health and illness, and sexuality; qualitative methods


Hammond, Kathleen

Thesis Title: Egg donation in Canada: The practice and regulation of unknown and anonymous egg donation

Supervisor: Dr. Sarah Franklin

Research Interests: I am interested in the regulation of assistive reproductive technologies. My research looks at the state of egg donation in Canada. Specifically, I look at the Canadian legislation surrounding egg donation and how effectively the legislation incorporates the interests of egg donors.

Hardy, Vincent

Thesis Title: Exits, choices and segmentations: Perceptions and preferences in local labour markets

Supervisor: Brendan Burchell

Research Interests: The sociology of labour markets, work and industrial sociology, labour economics, Economic sociology, social class, political economy, stratification and culture, labour and development, public policy and knowledge

Harnam, Neesha

PhD Title: The Impact of Financial Crises on Health Outcomes

Supervisor: L King

Haeusermann, Tobias 

Thesis Title: Without a Mind: Dementia in Holland and Spain

Supervisor: Darin Weinberg

Research Interests: The study of individual and group behaviours with respect to health and illness. Sociology of Ageing and the Life Course and their implications for public policy and professional practice. Comparative ethnographic research.

Hen, May

Thesis Title: Gatekeepers for global wealth: a fiscal sociology of Caribbean offshore financial centres.

Supervisor: Christel Lane

Hsiao, Ling-Yu

PhD Title: Fear Terror and Political Stigma: The Making of Political Victims and "White Society" in Taiwan

Supervisor: Peggy Watson

Hu, Yang

PhD Title: Working Title: Chinese-British Intermarriage in the UK

Supervisor: Professor Jacqueline Scott

Research Interests: Family, gender and marriage, migration and ethnicity, intergenerational relations, social and cultural reproduction, familial and gender attitudes/values


Islam, Asiya

Thesis Title: The gendered politics of class formation in urban India

Supervisor: Dr Manali Desai

Research Interests: Gender, gender violence, feminist theory, class, inequalities, urban studies, South Asia



Kentikelenis, Alexander

PhD Title: The Political Economy of Economic Adjustment

Supervisor: L King

Kudaibergenova, Diana T.

PhD Title:

Supervisor: Dr. David Lane


Lampert, Matthew

PhD Title: Path Dependence: A Critical Appraisal of System Change and Persistence Models

Supervisor: J Miley

Larsen, Rebekah

Thesis Title: Privacy and Power: Information Politics in Negotiating a Human Right

Supervisor: Ella McPherson

Research Interests: Politics in human rights discourse; media and communication theory; political economy; Internet policy; sociology of law; elite theory.

Lee, Hyang A

PhD Title: Colonial Modernity in Three Colonial Capitals in East Asia

Supervisor: G Therborn

Li, XinLing

Thesis Title: Who Stole the Beat? Discourses of Masculinity in Male Gay Hip-Hop

Research Interests: Include gender, sexuality, sports, popular music, world culture (especially African and Asian), and queer studies (i.e. NOT your usual ‘drag stuff’).

Moscoso, Carla 

Thesis Title: Media Concentration and Political Democratisation: The Role of the Press in Shaping Political Debate in Chile and Argentina

Supervisor: David Lehmann

Research Interests: Media and Communication, Economic and Political Sociology, Modernisation and Development in Latin America.




Pearce, Karen

PhD Title: Women and Sport at Cambridge University: Gender Identities, Institutional Cultures and the Student Experience

Supervisor: Deborah Thom

Pralat, Robert

Thesis title: Attitudes about Parenthood among Lesbians and Gay Men in the UK

Supervisor: Sarah Franklin

Research Interests: sexuality; gender; family; assisted reproductive technologies; adoption and fostering; mixed methods

Proudman, Charlotte

Thesis title: The role of law in changing harmful social and cultural practices against women and girls, specifically female genital mutilation in England and Wales

Supervisor: Dr Manali Desai in the Department of Sociology and Dr Stephanie Palmer in the Law Faculty




Saizar, Consuelo

Thesis Title: The Book Industry in Spain and Mexico. A Genealogy of the Hegemony in the Spanish Publishing Industry.

Supervisor: Ella McPherson

Research Interests: Sociology of Publishing. Spanish Publishing. Cultural History. Cultural Industries. Cultural Policy. Cultural Power. Cultural Capital. 

Soffia, Magdalena

Thesis Title: Tackling the real ‘bad jobs’: scope and limitations of a capabilities-based measure of job quality in Central America

Supervisor: Brendan Burchell

Research Interests: Economic Sociology, Sociology of Work and Labour Markets, Latin American Studies, Development Studies, Capabilities Approach

Spratt, Tanisha

Thesis Title: Racial Belonging and Marginalisation: Physical Constructions of “Blackness” and “Whiteness” in the U.S Socio-Political Imagination

Supervisor: Darin Weinberg

Research Interests: U.S racial identity politics, racial passing, racial construction/ formation/ performance, critical race theory, African-American socio-economic inequality, aesthetic and socio-political implications of skin diseases, the sociology of health and illness.

Stubbs, Thomas

Thesis Title: The Determinants of Slums

Supervisor: L King

Research Interests: Political economy, urban sociology, development studies, economic sociology, political sociology, quantitative methods

Suen Bin Mohd Zain, Johan

Thesis Title: Ageing and Post-Retirement Employment in Singapore

Supervisor: Prof. Jackie Scott


Trujillo, Melisa Trujillo

Thesis Title: To follow

Supervisor: P Watson

Research Interests: to follow

Tu, Jiong

PhD Title: Primary Health Care Transformation in a Chinese County Town: Practices, Interpretations and Moral Frameworks

Supervisor: P Watson


Ushiyama, Rin

Thesis Title: Collective memory of the Aum Affair 1994-2015

Supervisor: Patrick Baert

Research Interests: collective memory studies; politics of memory; cultural sociology; sociology of religion; performance and perfomativity; sociology of intellectuals; social theory; Japanese culture; Japanese religion.



Walsh, Peter William

Thesis Title: Understanding UK Immigration Policy: Politics, Public Opinion and the Media

Research Interests: The sociology of recent immigration to the UK, with a focus on the relations between immigration policy, public attitudes towards immigration, and immigration discourse in politics and mainstream news media.

Wardrop, Robert

Thesis Title: Bank Financing to Self-Financing: The Comparative Advantage of Trust in Shaping Institutional Change

Supervisor: Christel Lane

Research Interests: Comparative capitalism, debt relations, organizational trust, social network analysis

Wood, Alex J

Thesis Title: The Flexible Worker: Integration, Insecurity and Injustice

Supervisor: Brendan Burchell

Research Interests: Job insecurity and working-time flexibility and how these relate to well-being and issues of workplace control and resistance. I also have an interest in industrial relations, union renewal and new forms of workplace representation. My research is broadly ethnographic but I plan to make use of quantitative methods.


Xie, Sujuan

PhD Title: A state-historical perspective and China's economic transition

Supervisor: L King


Yildiz, Yesim Yaprak 

Thesis Title: (Dis)avowal of State Violence: Confessional Performances of State Officials on Past Atrocities

Supervisor: Patrick Baert

Research Interests: In my doctoral research, I am looking into confessions of state officials on past atrocities against civilians, with a focus on Turkey and state violence against Kurds. Drawing upon philosophical and sociological discussions on public confessions, I aim to examine the processes of production of truth and subjectivity in confessions.

Yopo Diaz, Martina

Thesis Title: Enacting Social Change: The Transformation Of The Life Course Of Chilean Women

Supervisor: Monica Moreno Figueroa

Research Interests: Sociology of the life course, Sociology of time, Sociology of gender, Sociology of the self, social transformations, public and social policy, Latin America and Chile


Zhang, Linzhi

Thesis Title: Exhibiting the art and creating the social (might be changed during my writing up)

Supervisor: Patrick Baert

Research Interests: I am interested in social theory. My empirical research goes to the art field. I am not examining the relationship between art and society. Art field, instead, is a particular field for me to examine the social relationship and the production/reproduction of the social.