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Göran Therborn


Göran Therborn holds the Chair of Sociology since October 1st 2006. Previously he was co-Director of the Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study in Uppsala, and University Professor of Sociology at Uppsala University.

He was born in 1941 and was educated at Lund University, in sociology, politics, and economics, where he was the last social scientist to receive the old Fil. Dr. degree in 1974. He was Professor of Political Science in the Netherlands in the 1980s. For shorter periods he has taught in Eastern Europe was well as in half a dozen countries of Western Europe, in the Americas from Boston to Buenos Aires, in Asia in Tehran and Seoul, and in Australia.

Research Interests

He is currently working on:

Capital cities as representations of power

Global processes of inequality, and other global processes and comparisons, in particular of sex-gender-family relations

Contemporary radical thought and forces of possible change

Pathways into and out of modernity

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